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Wadsworth Design was founded as a modern furniture design & manufacturing company in 1993. We are extremely passionate about beautiful yet functional design and its high value in business. The creative process starts in our design center with experienced design professionals and a well stocked materials and resource area. Creative problem solving, inspiring esthetic, proper function and high value are key principles in our approach to furniture and store fixture design. Our aim is value oriented design solutions that are unique to your brand and within budget.

“Form follows function - that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."  -Frank Loyd Wright


Take a look at our unique design capabilities. All of the furniture and fixtures you see on were designed, engineered and manufactured by our skilled team at Wadsworth Design in our Vineyard, Utah USA facility. Explore our work


Our furniture designers and engineers work directly with our manufacturing team to create the most cost efficient, durable and beautiful furnishing solutions. All engineering and shop drawings are completed in house for efficiency and accuracy. As your franchise or corporate chain flourishes and evolves, we have the ability to modify your furnishings, fixture & equipment (FF&E) designs when needed. We can adjust materials and FF&E designs to better function and serve your needs. Because we design and manufacture in-house, changes can be made efficiently and put into production rapidly. If new furnishing needs arise we can design them to match the existing franchise brand and promptly dovetail them into production with your standard FF&E package. We are committed to being an integral and proactive creative partner dedicated to your long-term success.

“Good design is good business.”  -Thomas Watson Jr.


01 FF&E Design

Franchise & retail store furniture design services include:

+ Intake

+ Research

+ Design

+ Development

+ Ideation

+ Modeling

+ Value Engineering

+ Prototyping

+ Materials Specification

+ Construction Methods

02 Form & Function

Our furniture design philosophy & principles include:


+ Proportion

+ Esthetic

+ Fit & Finish

+ Colors & Finishes


+ Structure

+ Materials

+ Ergonomics

+ Durability

+ Comfort

03 Product Scope

Our furniture & fixture design product scope includes:

+ Seating 

+ Tables

+ Cabinetry

+ Retail Shelving

+ Merchandising Tables

+ Displays

+ Upholstered Furniture

+ Store Fixtures

+ Lighting

+ Signs and Graphics

+ Salon Furniture

+ Health Care Furnishings

04 Creative Solutions 

We can design anything your brand needs when it comes to franchise and retail store fixtures & furnishings. The real advantage to you comes in our ability to manufacture everything we design providing you a seamless single source turn-key solution.

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