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Wadsworth Design is a true “one stop shop" for franchises or businesses looking to design and outfit their store interiors. From design to delivery, we provide the following comprehensive services to ensure your success:

+ Store Planning 

+ Interior Design

+ Furnishing Design

+ Furnishing Manufacturing

+ Procurement

+ Packaging and Shipping

+ Furnishing Installation

Whether you require our full scope approach or just need assistance refining and consolidating your current FF&E package, we are the solution. We service all business types, including: Retail, Dessert, Service, Beauty, Wellness, Health Care, Restaurant, Hospitality, Pet Care, Fitness and Education. 


Years of experience has shown us that beautiful and thoughtful design is critical to your success. "Good design is good business." (Thomas Watson Jr.)  A beautiful store is not just somewhere to do business, it’s an experience and your competitive advantage. With every line, shape, color and material used, we design and build your brand to make a statement – to grow your business and inspire everyone who walks through your doors.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” –Steve Jobs


We've been designing store interiors and furnishings plus manufacturing FF&E for over 29 years. Whether you are an emerging franchise or established, we can service you throughout the United States from our state of the art design and manufacturing facility in Vineyard, Utah. We have assembled a skilled team of managers, designers and craftsmen to bring your business vision to life. Our designers work directly with our manufacturing teams to create durable, beautiful and cost-efficient solutions. Timeless design, impeccable quality, value and customer service are hallmarks of our products and company. 

We have outfitted the 115 plus Paul Mitchell School franchises throughout the United States since their inception. We service numerous franchise brand with Pvolve, Color Me Mine, Plunj and Ortholazer being just a few. As of 2024 we have designed and furnished 190 Code Ninjas and over 135 Deka Lash franchise locations. Each has leveraged our full scope services, cutting edge design and top quality FF&E to launch their brands and sustain growth.

“The only source of knowledge is experience."  Albert Einsten


If you are franchising, our interiors and furnishing design services combined with our furnishing manufacturing expertise will enable you to open for business ready to go. We design and manufacture complete franchise and store furnishing and fixture packages at competitive prices with unbeatable warranties. Furnishing packages include interior Signs & Graphics, Upholstery, Architectural Millwork and Architectural Metals. Our furnishings don't go out of stock or become discontinued. All packages ship with detailed assembly and installation instructions providing cost savings and smoother installations.

You can count on one complete FF&E shipment with predictable timing, predictable budgets, uninterrupted product availability and precise branding. We manufacture your FF&E, package it and schedule shipping nationwide. We can even unload your shipment and install it.  See an install  You can expect a single point-of-contact plus personalized ongoing support.

"Efficiency is doing better what is already being done."  –Peter Drucker


If your franchise is growing and you need a franchise procurement company with the bandwidth to take you to the next level, we are your partner. We replace the numerous vendors and logistical hurdles you face into one dependable source. As your franchise or company continues to evolve, we provide support and the ability to adjust your brand, modify fixture designs and material selections when needed. Because we design furniture & fixtures and manufacture in-house, changes can be made and put into production rapidly. We are committed to being a integral creative partner that is dedicated to your long-term success.


+ Store Planning

The blueprint for successful franchise interiors starts with proper design and planning. Our franchise & store planning services provide superior master templates that maximize profitability, appearance and function. The template sets a standard that is adaptable to each unique store space. We handle the critical planning specific to branding elements, FF&E and their coordination their with electrical, plumbing and structural components. We then pass the baton to your local architect who completes construction drawings, stamps plans and submits for permitting. We can refer national architects if needed.

Franchise & Store Planning services include:

+ Space Plans

+ Furniture Plans

+ Lighting Plans

+ Electrical Plans

+ Plumbing Plans

+ Critical Elevations

+ Finish Plans


+ Interior & Furnishing Design

Our franchise interior design expertise will provide you with a distinguished and consistent look from location to location. This is critical for brand recognition, power and value. Your franchise design is created digitally in full-color renderings and presented for your approval. We also design and engineer franchise furnishings and fixtures which are critical to the look and function of your brand. We pull together all the details into a turn-key franchise & store design package that meets your budget.  More on branding

Interior & Furnishing Design services include:

+ Interior Design 

+ Furnishing Design

+ Furnishing Engineering

+ Environmental Graphics & Signage Design

+ Shop Drawings

+ Lighting Design & Specification

+ Material & Finish Specifications

+ Project Management


Manufacturing & Sourcing

We have decades of furnishing design and manufacturing experience and the facilities and team to transform your store design from virtual to reality. We cover all facets of store fixture manufacturing. This approach eliminates timing, quality, pricing and logistical challenges that come with out-sourcing from multiple vendors. Our passionate and skilled team will craft your furniture and fixtures to bring your brand to life and provide streamlined process for you and franchisees. For your convenience, we distribute flooring, lighting, audio systems, scent machines and other equipment at competitive pricing.  Explore our manufacturing capabilities

FF&E Manufacturing & Procurement services include:

+ Architectural Millwork

+ Architectural Metals

+ Interior Signage & Graphics

+ Retail & Merchandising Displays

+ Furniture & Upholstery

+ Store Fixtures

+ Flooring, Lighting, Audio, Scent Machines, Accessories

+Sourcing & Fulfillment 


+ Shipping & Installation

We inspect and carefully package your FF&E for safe and efficient nationwide delivery. We provide detailed install instructions specific to each franchise & store location. Your contractor will have the information needed to provide you with an accurate installation bid and install the FF&E package to spec. Contractors have commented, "Wadsworth Design FF&E installs twice as fast."

We offer installation services that include offloading, rapid assembly and set up. Watch an installation. Either way, you and your franchisees can relax and watch it all come together. We'll coordinate shipping logistics, as well to ensure a timely and seamless delivery. View completed jobs

Shipping & Installation services include:

+ Packaging & Crating

+ Shipping Coordination

+ Off Loading

+ Assembly &  Installation

+ Cut Sheets & Instructions

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