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Wadsworth Design had humble beginnings in a small work shed in Orem, Utah. In 1993, brothers Mark and Paul Wadsworth inadvertently started the company while designing and building modern furniture pieces for Mark’s senior project to complete his BFA design degree at Brigham Young University. After graduating, Mark was hired and taught as an adjunct design professor at Brigham Young University for 5 years while building a furniture portfolio and a clientele.

Paul’s education and experience as a machinist/gunsmith coupled with three impactful years of art education that both brothers enjoyed in high school, proved to be a viable combination for success. 

Hard work and never turning away a challenge paved the way for bigger and better business opportunities. That growth necessitated building a team of skilled managers, designers and craftsmen who shared their same passion, integrity and work ethic to service our valued clients. Inspired design, craftsmanship and high value are paramount in all we do.


Our approach to business relationships is predicated on the following principles which produce the best results for our valued customers.

  • IntegrityIntegrity is being truthful and trustworthy, and expecting the same of others as well. Integrity is DOING what we say we will.
  • Quality- Quality is not just using the best materials, it's our uncompromising attitude of designing, manufacturing at the highest level.
  • Hard Work- Our commitment to honest hard work enables us to push through difficult challenges. We accept “impossible” tasks. 
  • Commitment- We make and keep commitments to our customer. Our word is our bond.
  • Communication- We listen first for understanding. It is self discipline and mutual respect that guide what we say and how we say it.
  • Gratitude- We readily show appreciation and return the kindness of others. It is our sincere desire to give back.
  • Unity- We seek common goals, and work together. We put the well being of the team ahead of our individual ambitions.
  • Praise- No good work should ever go unnoticed. We value both the extraordinary and the every day accomplishments of our team.


As designers and craftsmen, we do more than just design interiors and manufacture furniture and fixtures. Our aim is to inspire. When someone enters your business they walk into your very personal world or brand. That environment, especially the details – conveys who you are and what you stand for to everyone who enters. It's not just somewhere to sit, or meet, it is an experience, and if it's done with purpose it can be a very powerful experience. With every line, form, material, infusion of light and color, we give you the ability to make a statement – to show off, to welcome, and inspire everyone who walks through your door. This creates value and ROI for you, our clients. At Wadsworth Design, we exist to serve you and create your success through that experience.


Wadsworth Design has been designing interiors and manufacturing furnishings for franchises and retailers for over 27 years. We service clients from our state of the art 43,000 square foot, design and manufacturing facility in Vineyard, Utah USA. We have assembled a skilled team to bring our customers visions to life. We design franchise and retail interiors. We design franchise and retail furniture and fixtures.We manufacture millwork, metal-work, upholstered furniture and signs & graphics. Our designers work directly with our manufacturing team to create the most cost efficient, durable and beautiful solutions. Timeless design, impeccable quality, and customer service are hallmarks of our products and company. 

“Things of quality have no fear of time.” –Author Unknown


Explore more of our work and product offerings in e-commerce sites and others. They feature unique salon furnishings, modern furniture, Paul Mitchell Salon branding items and Paul Mitchell School Furnishings and Fixtures. All showcase our high quality products designed and manufactured in the USA.


Modern society has embraced a disposable mentality with much of what is "cheaply" manufactured ending up in landfills. We believe that everything we create for you should last for generations. We take this to heart not only in our craftsmanship and the materials we use, but in the timeless designs we create as well.

We continually strive to contribute to a cleaner environment. Some of our efforts include:

  • Designing and engineering to create best yield of raw materials
  • Recycling all reclaimable materials from the manufacturing processes
  • Utilizing raw materials with recycled content
  • Updating raw materials with greener alternatives
  • Our metal finishing process is 100% V.O.C. free
  • We minimize numerous shipments to clients by providing a comprehensive product selection
  • We recycle and use recycled shipping pallets when possible
  • We utilize reusable shipping blankets where possible

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