craftsman, noun : a professional; a master whose work is consistently of high quality. The hallmark of a craftsman is a commitment to learning, practicing, correcting mistakes, and working to master their craft each day. At Wadsworth Design we are craftsmen and multi-faceted.  We are constantly honing our skills in the following disciplines: Architectural Millwork, Architectural Metals, Upholstery plus Signs & Graphics.


We manufacture high quality franchise fixtures and furniture in numerous materials and finishes. Our designers and engineers work directly with our manufacturing team to create the most cost efficient, durable and beautiful solutions. All engineering and shop drawings are completed in house for efficiency and accuracy.

We are passionate about our products. They are the fruit of our decades-long creative labors in modern design and manufacturing. We design, build, and sell direct from our 21,000 square foot facility in Vineyard, Utah USA. We are proud of the design, detail, craftsmanship and quality of our hand-crafted work and stand firmly behind it with un-rivaled warranties.  See our work

Explore our manufacturing services and materials below.

Architectural Millwork

Services and materials include:

+ CNC Milling Centers

+ Assembly

+ Cabinetry

+ Case Goods

+ Furniture

+ Tradeshow & Display 

+ Franchise Fixtures

+ Hardwoods & Veneers

+ Melamine & Laminate

+ Solid Surface

+ Wall Treatments

+ Finishing

Architectural Metals

Services and materials include:

+ Machine Shop

+ Fabrication

+ Prototyping

+ Tig & Mig Welding

+ Sheet Metal

+ Tubing, Bar & Sheet

+ Ferrous & Non-ferrous Metals

+ Plasma Cutting 

+ Metal Finishing

+ Franchise Furniture & Fixtures

+ Decorative


Services and materials include:

+ Design 

+ Prototyping 

+ Frame Making

+ Pattern Making

+ Foam Cutting & Forming

+ Suspension & Springs

+ Stitching & Fitting

+ Vinyl, Fabric & Leather

+ Benches, Chairs, Lounges & Stools

Signs & Graphics

Services and materials include:

+ Graphic Design

+ Large Format Printing

+ Signage & Lettering

+ Wall Graphics

+ Window Graphics

+Plastics, Metals, Woods & Vinyl

+ Banners

+ LED Back Lighted Signs

+ Franchise Fixtures 

+ Signage & Lettering

+ Environmental Graphics

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