Salty Dawg Pet Salon interior design and branding
Dog grooming franchise environmental graphics design and production
Salty Dawg Pet Salon franchise design
Dog grooming franchise furniture and store fixture design and manufacturing
Dog Grooming franchise interior graphics
Pet Grooming shop interiors
Retail and merchandising design and build for Salty Dawg Pet Salon
Franchise signs and graphics
Dog Grooming franchise interior and furnishing design
Dog grooming shop office design
Pet grooming franchise design and furnishings
Franchise interiors and furnishings for Salty Dawg pet Salon

Salty Dawg Pet Salon

Katy, TX  USA

The interior design and branding for Salty Dawg Pet Salon was inspired by elements and concepts from a dogs world. Utility was meshed with a modern aesthetic to create a destination for pet owners seeking the best care, shopping and experience for their dogos.

Franchise Info

Project scope:

+ Concept Development

+ Space Planning

+ Interior Design

+ Color & Materials Specifications

+ Interior Branding

+ Lighting & Fixture Design

+ Furniture Design

+ Concept Renderings

+ Furniture & Fixture Manufacturing

+ Wall Treatment Manufacturing

+ Graphics & Sign Manufacturing 

+ Packing & Shipping

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