Styling Station with Blue Chairs
Blue Styling Chairs from Wadsworth Design
Service Desk by Wadsworth Design
Row of Stations
Reception and Retail Area
Salon Reception Seating
Color Bar
Long Image Frame
Modern Wash House by Wadsworth Design
White Back Bar
White Color Bar
Paul Mitchell Color
Styling Stations
Reception Desk
Tool Bar

Salon Evidence

Waco, TX USA

Salon Evidence is a relatively small space of 900 square feet, but one that needed to make a big statement. The design objective was simplicity with a touch of luxury. We designed their salon interiors and fixtures with a monochromatic color scheme contrasted by subtle details and pops of color. Every square foot was utilized effectively for function and form creating a large impact in a small space with clean lines and visually stunning furniture and lighting. Salon Evidence is a top five 2013 NAHA finalist in salon design.

Project Scope:

+ Space Planning

+ Interior Design & Branding

+ Lighting Plan & Specification

+ Color & Materials Specification

+ Furniture & Fixture Design

+ Furniture & Fixture Manufacturing

+ Packing & Shipping

+ Installation 

Photography, John Rees

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