OrthoLazer franchise interior design
License display and signage for OrthoLazer Franchise
Treatment room design and furnishings for OrthoLazer franchise
Reception area design and branding for OrthoLazer
Office furniture for the OrthoLazer franchise
Franchise signage and graphics for OrthoLazer
Break room cabinetry for OrthoLazer
Reception area seating and desk design for OrthoLazer franchise
Signage and branding elements for OrthoLazer


Rochester, New York USA


OrthoLazer offers a new approach to the treatment of acute and chronic conditions by using a proprietary and patented laser technology to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with a variety of chronic and acute conditions. OrthoLazer is an exclusive franchise business opportunity for select orthopedic surgeons to generate passive income while offering their patients an effective, alternative pain management option. Franchise Information

Project scope:

+ Franchise Branding

+ Concept Development

+ Space Planning

+ Franchise Interior Design

+ Color & Materials Specifications

+ Interior Branding

+ Lighting & Fixture Design

+ Furniture Design

+ Concept Renderings

+ Graphics & Sign Manufacturing

+ Franchise Furniture & Fixture Manufacturing

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