Namaste Nail Sanctuary franchise interior design
Interior design for Namaste Nail Sanctuary
Nail area seating for Namaste Nail Sanctuary franchise
Franchise graphics and displays for Namaste Nail Sanctuary
Cabinetry design and manufacturing for Namaste Nail Sanctuary franchise
Restroom design for Namaste Nail Sanctuary
Franchise interior design for Namaste Nail Sanctuary
Store retail and merchandising fixtures
Store interior design for nail salon
Nail area design for Namaste Nail Sanctuary
Namaste Nail Sanctuary

Woodland Hills, California USA

Namaste combines relaxation-based nail services with meditation to form a revolutionary new concept in the beauty industry. Wadsworth Design created a franchise interior design that measures up and enhances the service experience. We designed and manufactured Namaste furniture and fixtures with detail and nuance that infuse the brand with soul. Servicing Mind, Body and Nails was our focal point in design. Neutral colors, natural textures with a hint of modern  create a space that is truly zen. 

Project scope:

+ Concept Development

+ Space Planning

+ Interior Design

+ Color & Materials Specifications

+ Interior Branding

+ Lighting & Fixture Design

+ Furniture Design

+ Concept Renderings

+ Store Fixtures

+ Furniture & Fixture Manufacturing

+ Graphics & Sign Manufacturing

+ Wall Treatment Manufacturing

+ Packing & Shipping

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