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Styling Stations
Work Cart
Styling Station
Image Frame
Foot Rest
Retail Area
Hair Product
Hood Dryer Bench
Tufted Bench
Wash Units
Lather Lounge
Tufted Satellite Stool
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Lunatic Fringe

Holladay, UT USA

The objective for Lunatic Fringe Holladay was to match the energy of the Lunatic Fringe Salon franchise brand, yet infuse it with a touch of luxury and elegance. Gold and polished nickel surfaces replace energetic colors typically used. Tufted upholstery details and metallic fabrics were coordinated on the seating throughout. Exceptionally tall mirrors at the stylist stations draw eyes upward to nickel and crystal chandeliers, which suspend out of gold ringed ceiling openings.

Project Scope:

+ Space Planning

+ Franchise Interior Design + Franchise Branding

+ Lighting Plan & Specification

+ Color & Materials Specification

+ Furniture & Fixture Design

+ Furniture & Fixture Manufacturing

+ Packing & Shipping

+ Installation 

Photography, John Rees

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