Walnut wall covering
Retail Shelving
Reception Desk
Styling Stations
Styling Chair
Wash House
Retail Shelves
Color Bar
Color Bar Detail
Walnut wall covering
Galvanized counter top
Purple styling chair
Retail Shelves
Baxter Hair Product Dispay
Salon Interior
Hood Dryer Bench
Barbering Station
Beverage Bar
Salon Interior

Jagger James Salon

Hagerstown, MD

Jagger James Salon is a sophisticated salon with a bit of an edge. Our objective was to create a space that reinforced this image. The result was a space dominated by clean lines and simple geometry. The prevailing minimalism is offset with daring details, such as purple gator upholstery, layered walnut reception wall and blackened steel retail shelving.

Project Scope:

+ Space Planning

+ Interior Design & Branding

+ Lighting Plan & Specification

+ Color & Materials Specification

+ Furniture & Fixture Design

+ Furniture & Fixture Manufacturing

+ Upholstery

+ Packing & Shipping

+ Installation 

Photography, John Rees

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