Magnetic hot rolled steel wall
birch plywood blind mount shelves
Magnetic hot rolled steel wall covering
Modern work table with casters
BYU Design Classroom with Metal Wall
Modern office cabinets made of birch plywood
Metal Display wall
Magnetic metal display wall
Modern classroom with magnetic steel wall cladding
modern cabinet with aventos hinges

Brigham Young University Design Department

Provo, UT USA

The Design Department houses some incredible talent-in-training. We designed this classroom to inspire the creative process. Minimal, mobile tables create a flexible work environment and the magnetic metal wall has a strong visual presence in the room and a gives the students’ a unique way to display their work.

Project scope

+ Color & Material Specification

+ Computer stations

+ Work tables

+ Shelves

+ Magnetic Metal Wall Design

+ Manufacturing

+ Installation

Photography, John Rees

Using Format