A strong brand allows customers and employees to identify with a company and build a personal attachment to it. A brand is built on much more than a logo or a visual identity- it is built on emotion. In order for a brand to be effective, it must be consistent. Marketing communications, visual identity, employee culture, and product offerings must all stem from and reinforce the brand. The interior design of a business or franchise is perhaps the most concrete, consistent and lasting component of your brand. A well-designed and well-branded interior has the potential to create emotion that forges lasting bonds with both employees and clients. A poorly designed interior will do just the opposite.


Consider the Lunatic Fringe Salons franchise as an example. The Lunatic Fringe brand is built on progressive ideals. The company’s personality is infused with vibrant energy, artistic curiosity, and just a touch of audacity. They employ enthusiastic artists who push boundaries and offer services that excite. Our interior branding and store fixtures for Lunatic Fringe franchise were built to support this personality. Emblazoned in fuchsia, adorned with exciting patterns, and defined in dramatic scale – the interior of the space we created for them emits energy to complement the company’s vibrant personality.

This is our goal at Wadsworth Design; to create an environment that both visually and functionally reinforces your mission, your values, your goals – your brand. Let us help you reinforce the emotion of your brand in the interior of your business.  Let's talk


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